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What happens during a Reiki

Reiki is passed through my palms to you via a light touch or hovering hands if you prefer– it is completely painless. You will be fully clothed (minus shoes) throughout. Reiki is guided by the higher power that knows what vibration is needed by the recipient. Your body is in control of how much Reiki it needs and will take the energy required to rebalance itself.

You’ll be lying on a Reiki bed and I will place my hands on your energy centres (Chakras), channelling Reiki energy to you. People report a great sense of peace and well-being during and after a Reiki session. During the session you may chat with me, or you may be quiet and totally rest. It’s up to you – different people need different things.

During a session, people often report warmth coming from my hands and a tingling sensation under my hands or sometimes, seeing beautiful colours in their mind’s eye. Quite often they fall asleep on the couch and some report feeling the warmth of Reiki for many hours after the treatment. The energy will go where it is most urgently needed whether you are aware of where this is or not. Reiki can do no harm, but it is worth noting that it can occasionally bring to the fore a symptom that you may already have before it improves which is a well known healing phenomena in Complimentary Therapy. 


Distant reiki


Distant Reiki is the same as contact Reiki, apart from the fact that you can stay in the comfort of your own home. And it is just as powerful as receiving Reiki physically in person in my therapy room in Oxford. A distant healing treatment is 30 minutes.

-I will have an initial consultation online (Whatsapp) with you or over the phone beforehand.

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