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White Pom Poms


“From the moment Jin enters the room, you feel a sense of calm and wellbeing. Jin's voice has a gentle and soothing tone which, as a treatment begins to help the patient to zone out and completely relax. After only a couple of minutes, you experience an amazing warmth and heaviness in your body, almost a floating sensation. So relaxing, would highly recommend."
White Branch


"I thoroughly recommend Jin as a very caring and professional Reiki Practitioner. It was my first time working with receiving Reiki and I felt entirely comfortable and relaxed during the sessions.
Afterwards I felt a whole body renewal, so at ease with a feeling of inner peace and balance.
Stress and negativity that had been held onto, and blocked me was gently released. I always look forward to more sessions."
White Sand and Stone


"The physical experiences of distant Reiki with Jin varied depending on my personal circumstances at the time of treatment.
No matter the physical experience, each treatment left me feeling relaxed and grounded,"
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